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About Dick and Virginia - Durran Durra T


Dick, Virginia and Bella

We are career microbiologists with a passion for the natural environment and a love of food. We both worked for thirty years at one of the major teaching hospitals in Sydney before buying a farm near the heritage town of Braidwood in Southern NSW.


Our truffle orchard is now producing prized black truffles.

Bella, a kelpie cross and a rescue dog, became part of our family in 2014. There was a dark side to her earlier life when she first came to us and she was  fearful and shy. Today she is confident, full of life and a very talented truffle detecting working dog. Food in the form of cheese is her reward for sniffing out this delicacy.  She is highly intelligent and with love and  attention, being very much part of the family, is always willing to please.  She loves children and knows how to flirt with our guests, particularly if there is the possibility of a food reward.

We are active in promoting the truffle industry with a regional focus. We love meeting new people and showing them the natural wonders of this part of the world. 


Locally grown foods, wine and living in balance with nature provide the perfect lifestyle.

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